Challenge Results

2016 Challenge Final Results Total Pounds: 183,470 Number of People Involved: 5,095 Amount of Time Spent Pulling: 16,457 hours Heavyweight Division Huron Arbor Cluster: 29,776 lbs West Michigan Cluster: 28,467 lbs Middleweight Division Headwaters Cluster: 21,975 lbs Mid-Michigan Cluster: 18,962 lbs Southwest Corner Cluster: 4,691 lbs Lightweight Division Grand-Raisin Cluster: 7,867 lbs Western Lake Erie … Continue reading

The 2016 Garlic Mustard Challenge

The spring has already sprung in many places, bringing with it the next generation of garlic mustard. An early pull might not earn many pounds for the challenge, but will pay large dividends in June. Please join us on April 13 at for the launch of the 2016 Challenge. We will be hearing a … Continue reading

The Results Are In!

Congratulations on another stellar year, everybody! It was a long spring with a big goal out there ahead of us, and you all threw yourselves into it with impressive dedication. Thank you for all of your hard work; for every time you put off heading in and said, “just a few more plants”; and for … Continue reading

Upsets for Cluster Cups in Final Hours!

Today is the last day of the 2015 Garlic Mustard Challenge! Reports have been pouring in since our announcement earlier this week that our online form was back up and operational. Since our post on Tuesday, we’ve jumped over 40,000 pounds in our collective total, raising our pounds pulled to: 148,559.9 pounds! We’ve also had … Continue reading

Week 9 Updates: Reporting Form Blackout!

Anybody who’s tried to report their garlic mustard pounds in the last several days will have noticed that the reporting form is down. Well, it’s not just the reporting form. It’s actually everything at Unfortunately, all of our webpages, reporting forms, and online event registration forms are currently out of service. We’re sorry for … Continue reading

Week 7: Updates and a blast from the past!

Please join me for a brief flash back… *cue harp music and blurry zoom in*. It’s April – finally spring! The snow is starting to melt, or maybe you’re already seeing bare ground. Not much life in the leaf litter yet, but you can spot some teeny tiny garlic mustard rosettes. Soon, you’ll be out … Continue reading

Stewardship: good and good for you!

We’re just about a month away from the longest day of the year. While the calendar says summer is still a few weeks away, the woods don’t seem to know or care. The greenery is out full force here in southeast Michigan, and with it comes a host of challenges when it comes to working … Continue reading