Launching on April 11th!

Hi everyone, and happy spring! We’re busy getting ready for this year’s Garlic Mustard Challenge, how about you? Explore what we’ve got posted already (we’re still getting everything up and running), or email us to share your thoughts (

Are you already out pulling garlic mustard? Share a comment with us if your and let us know where your pulling! You can either post here, or to our Facebook page at

Are you interested in ordering bags for this year’s Challenge? If so, click here for more details!

Join us as we officially launch the Challenge during next week’s free webcast at

Thanks all – we’re looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming months!


5 thoughts on “Launching on April 11th!

    • Whoa, I hope you guys are pulling already! We won’t make the reporting form live until the official launch next week, but given the crazy weather we’ve had this spring, we may just have to look the other way if some of the “pull dates” on the reporting form are before April 11th. 🙂

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