Posted in April 2012

Things are heating up in Week 3

It’s been a pretty exciting week in the garlic mustard challenge.  We have collectively increased our total pounds of garlic mustard pulled by four fold in just one week!  As of today we have recorded…. 35,016 pounds!!!   Here are the results so far by weight class: HEAVY WEIGHT DIVISION The heavy weight division continues … Continue reading

Stir Fried Buds with Garlic Mustard and Mushrooms

Have you had your fill of Garlic Mustard Pesto?  Are you looking for a new, tasty recipe to try?  Here’s one that Andrea Hoerr submitted to the Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council that includes ingredients from TWO invasive plants! Gather from an unsprayed area and wash well: 2 cups of 1/2″ to 1″ daylily (Hemerocallis fulva)buds 2 cups garlic mustard (alliaria petiolata) other … Continue reading

Pulling is in Full Swing!

The reports of garlic mustard pulls have been rolling in this week!  Collectively we have pulled… 8511 pounds!  Here is how things are stacking up this week: HEAVY WEIGHT DIVISION The West Michigan Cluster secured their lead by more than tripling the reports coming in from the Huron Arbor Cluster!            … Continue reading

So Much to Pull, So Little Time

   Are you faced with a scene like the one above, where the garlic mustard seems endless and you simply don’t have enough time to get to it all?  It may feel daunting or intimidating, but don’t despair.  Here is our three step process for keeping the garlic mustard infestation under control when time and … Continue reading

Paul Steury’s Garlic Mustard Pesto

What are you doing with all of that garlic mustard that you are pulling out?  Some put in the trash, other in send it to the muiciple compost, but there is another option!  How about eating it?!?  Below is Paul Steury’s Garlic Mustard Pesto receipe for you to enjoy.  ½ cup olive oilA large handful of garlic … Continue reading

2012 Garlic Mustard Challenge Off to AWESOME Start!

The first reports of garlic mustard pulls have been steadily rolling in since the Challenge Kickoff on Wednesday.  Just two days in and we have already have recorded (insert drum roll here)…. 1440 Pounds! Here how things are stacking up in the Challenge for the Cups at this early date: HEAVY WEIGHT DIVISION In the … Continue reading