2012 Garlic Mustard Challenge Off to AWESOME Start!

The first reports of garlic mustard pulls have been steadily rolling in since the Challenge Kickoff on Wednesday.  Just two days in and we have already have recorded (insert drum roll here)…. 1440 Pounds!

Here how things are stacking up in the Challenge for the Cups at this early date:


In the Heavy Weight Division we have Huron Arbor starting off in the lead.  If history is any indicator, this 15 pounds is just a drop in the bucket of what promises to be a heated race.


The middle weight division is our largest division with three clusters and the out of cluster area.  Our biggest reporter this week, the Headwaters Cluster, is dominitaing this division so far – but it’s still early! 














We are looking forward to an exciting race here in the light weight division as the Lakeplain and Raisin Clusters finally have the Cup within thier grasp!  The Raisin Cluster didn’t waste any time in taking the early lead. 














Don’t forget to report your own total using the green button on the right!  Be sure to check back each Friday to watch the results roll in!


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