Pulling is in Full Swing!

The reports of garlic mustard pulls have been rolling in this week!  Collectively we have pulled…

8511 pounds! 

Here is how things are stacking up this week:


The West Michigan Cluster secured their lead by more than tripling the reports coming in from the Huron Arbor Cluster! 














In the Middle Weight Division, the Headwaters Cluster retained their lead… but not by much.  Stay tuned to see if they are overtaken in the coming weeks!














In the Light Weight Division, the big excitment is the Raisin Cluster increasing their pulled pounds by 10 fold!  Nice work! 













Be sure to report your garlic mustard pulls using the green button on the right.  Remember to check back each Friday for the weekly standings and throughout the week for tips, tricks, and other garlic mustard information.


2 thoughts on “Pulling is in Full Swing!

  1. Great question June! The answer to that depends some on where you live. If you are in Ann Arbor, you can send it to the city compost center. If you live in another community, be sure to check before having it composted. Throughout Michigan and Wisconsin you can have it collected with the trash and sent to the landfill. Please contact us if you would like more information or live in another state.

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