Things are heating up in Week 3

It’s been a pretty exciting week in the garlic mustard challenge.  We have collectively increased our total pounds of garlic mustard pulled by four fold in just one week!  As of today we have recorded….

35,016 pounds!!!


Here are the results so far by weight class:


The heavy weight division continues trading the lead between Huron Arbor Cluster and West Michigan Cluster.  This week Huron Arbor Cluster grabbed the lead with the help of the entire student body from Ann Arbor’s Community High School!  Way to go!!!
















Mid-Michigan Cluster jumped ahead this week but things remain very exciting in our middle weight division where Headwaters Cluster, Mid-Michigan Cluster, and Southwest Corner Cluster are all neck and neck.
















This week Lakeplain Cluster gets on the board, but Raisin Cluster strongly retains their lead.  Will the emerging Northern Indiana Cluster or Lakeplain Cluster come from behind and take the lead or will Raisin Cluster hold on to their lead throughout the challenge?














Have you reported all the bags you have pulled?  If not, be sure to click the green button on the right so that we can add your totals in next weeks report!


One thought on “Things are heating up in Week 3

  1. Here in the UK Garlic Mustard isn’t a problem – plenty of natural enemies to keep it under control.
    I can understand why the early settlers brought it with them, it really is tasty! Before you eat too much though – remember that a bowl full of those leaves is better than a bowl full of prunes!

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