We have our FIRST reported Garlic Mustard Free Site of 2012!

Barbara Olson recently filed the following report:

“I was bragging to people that there was no garlic mustard at the 72 acre development we live at, but I spoke too soon.  On a Sunday morning stroll we were surprised and disappointed to see a large patch of that horrid plant in full bloom near the woods. We grabbed some bags and started pulling.  Now we can really say that there is no garlic mustard in our lovely woods.”

Back in 2008 Barbara purchased a four acre plot in Dorr, Michigan in a new development and built her home.  Her success with being garlic mustard free starts with an accidental visit to Kay and Jimmy Charters bird sanctuary and 40 acre prairie in Leelanau in northern Michigan.  That is where she was introduced to Doug Talamy’s book “Bringing Nature Home.”  She was so moved by what she read that she immediately joined “Wild Ones” and eagerly learned all she could about how to provide better food and homes for “our beloved wild creatures”

Armed with everything she learned from “Bringing Nature Home” and “Wild Ones” she had Native Connections of Three Rivers, MI plant 3.5 acres of her 4 acre plot with native wildflowers and grasses.  “It goes without saying that I would like to keep this new prairie free of invasive plants for as long as I own it.  And up till this year in my walks around the area and neighborhood where my property is I hadn’t seen any garlic mustard.  I was happy about that because I know how destructive that plant can be to the native plants in our woods and where ever it grows.”  Barbara’s beautiful yard is more than a home to many native plants and animals; it also serves as an example to others about how beautiful a native prairie is.  Whenever she can, Barbara spreads the word about the value of native plants to our environment.
Barbara offers the following piece of wisdom:  “We all can do a little bit and maybe someday make this planet safe for all life here.

Thank you Barbara for all of your work promoting native plantings, giving a home to our beloved wild creatures, and combating that horrid plant!  You are an inspiration to all of us.

Is your site free of all second year plants?  Let us know your story by emailing garlicmustardchallenge@stewardshipnetwork.org.


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