We are 1/2 Way to Our Goal!!!

What a fantastic week!  Just 5 weeks into the challenge and we are already over 1/2 way to our goal of collectively pulling 200,000 pounds and we have our first reported Garlic Mustard Free Site!!!

We have now collectively pulled 129715 pounds!


We have our first reported Garlic Mustard Free Site of 2012!  Congratulation to Barbara Olson for being our first reported site of the year.  Click here to read more about her story.  Be sure to let us know if your site is free of all second year plants.  Our goal is to have 20 Garlic Mustard Free Sites this year, so we still have a long way to go!

We have had a lot of excitement in the Cluster Cups this week.  Here are how things currently stand by weight class:


After letting Huron Arbor Cluster have the lead for the past two weeks, West Michigan Cluster took a commanding lead!  Will Huron Arbor Cluster be able to make up the difference before the garlic mustard goes to seed?











Thanks to an amazing report of almost 10 tons from Lincoln Land Conservation Trust, Out of Cluster Areas are dominating this division.  Headwaters Cluster also gets honorable mention for doubling their reports in one week!











Raisin Cluster was determined to break the tie with Lakeplain Cluster this week!  We also see Northern Indiana Emerging Cluster on the board for the first time this year.  Nice work folks!










Help out your cluster in the Cluster Cup Challenge by reporting your bags using the button on the right!


One thought on “We are 1/2 Way to Our Goal!!!

  1. Glad to hear the West Michigan cluster is in 1st place in the garlic mustard challenge. …kind of! It does mean we have a lot of dedicated individuals here but it may also mean we have way too much of that horrid plant!

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