The Race Tightens in Week Six!

It was another exciting week in The Garlic Mustard Challenge as the standing got closer and closer by the day.   We have a really close race in the Light Weigh Division and our first reports for our new CWMA division!

We have now collectively pulled 164803 pounds!



We didn’t have any new reports of Garlic Mustard Free Sites this week so we still a long way from our goal of 20.  A site can be anything: a back yard, a park, a nature preserve, you name it.  To report your site as Garlic Mustard Free, you must have either 1) pulled all second year (bolting and flowering) plants from the sight to keep any new seeds out of the seed bank, or 2) walked the whole property and confirmed that there are no second year plants.  It’s that easy!



West Michigan Cluster is refusing to let go of their lead this year!  Has Huron Arbor Cluster surrendered or are they holding out for a last minute push?












Southwest Corner Cluster made a big push this week – watch out Mid-Michigan Cluster!












Lakeplain Cluster and Raisin Cluster are nearly tied!  The Light Weight Division is turning out to be the most enthralling competition in the Garlic Mustard Challenge.












We have our first reports coming in for our Co-operative Weed Management Area Division!  Way to go North West Michigan CWMA!











Be sure to use the green button on the right to report your pulls or send us and email at to report your garlic mustard free sites!


One thought on “The Race Tightens in Week Six!

  1. I think you’ll be seeing a big jump from the Huron Cluster. I’ve worked both sides (Huron & Western), and while the West is pulling 12″ to 24″ plants, Huron is pulling 3′ to 4′ plants, so size alone should make a big difference.

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