Posted in June 2012

One More Week to Go!

I can hardly believe that the Garlic Mustard Challenge is nearly complete for 2012!  In the southern areas of the Challenge, it’s too late to pull most of the remaining garlic mustard, but there is still dame’s rocket and bittercress to attend to.  Meanwhile, folks in the north are still busy pulling and reporting garlic … Continue reading

Big Victories, Little Blooms

If you’ve been participating in the Garlic Mustard Challenge, you’re probably familiar with that distinctively satisfying feeling that comes from removing invasive plants from a plot of land. There’s nothing quite like stepping back, brushing the dirt from your hands and seeing the visible progress you’ve made! Maybe there is a similarity with the feelings … Continue reading

Less Than a Month to Go!

The Garlic Mustard Challenge is as exciting as ever as we enter the final month!  For those in the southern area of the challenge, you have even less time as you should stop pulling before the seed pods start bursting open.  However, it does appear that you still have some time to work on your … Continue reading

We’ve Reached Our Goal!

Woo-Hoo!  Congratulations to all of you!  Just 8 weeks into the Garlic Mustard Challenge and we have already exceeded our goal of 200,000 pounds of garlic mustard pulled and reported! We have now collectively pulled 225,694 pounds!!! Although we have reached our goal, now is not the time to stop  reporting.  The Cluster Cup Challenges … Continue reading