We’ve Reached Our Goal!

Woo-Hoo!  Congratulations to all of you!  Just 8 weeks into the Garlic Mustard Challenge and we have already exceeded our goal of 200,000 pounds of garlic mustard pulled and reported!

We have now collectively pulled 225,694 pounds!!!

Although we have reached our goal, now is not the time to stop  reporting.  The Cluster Cup Challenges are still close and remain very exciting.  And, the reports of garlic mustard free sites continue to come in and inspire us!


We now have 8 Garlic Mustard Free Sites!  We still have some work to do before we reach our goal of 20.  Remember, in order to be garlic mustard free, your site just needs to be free of all second year plants regardless of which eradication method you used.  This is the chance for all of you that are herbiciding, torching, burning or just don’t have garlic mustard to get your name on the charts!

  • Mid-Michigan has two Garlic Mustard Free Sites:  Sanford Wood and The Wild Ginger Wetland in Lake Lansing Park North.
  • Lakeplain Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Sites:  Robbe Farm Floodplain Forest at Lower Huron Metropark and Bobwhite Trail Forest at Lower Huron Metropark
  • Headwaters Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Sties:  Hickory Ridge Woodland at Kensington Metropark and North Windfall Hill Woodland at Kensington Metropark
  • West Michigan Cluster has one Garlic Mustard Free Site:  Barbara Olson’s 72 Acre neighborhood
  • Huron Arbor has one Garlic Mustard Free Site:  Entrance Woods Floodplain Forest at Hudson Mills Metropark

In the Cluster Cup Challenges, the competition remains as tight as ever.   Read on to learn about the big excitement, especially in the CWMA division!


West Michigan Cluster remains 10,000 pounds ahead of Huron Arbor Cluster for the third week in a row.  That is some amazing consistency!
















With the help of a big pull by the students at Forest Elementary School, Headwaters Cluster has nearly caught up with Out-of-Cluster Area.  Out-0f-Cluster Area retains their lead for now, but will it last?
















Lakeplain Cluster has pulled ahead in the light weigh division this week.  The big question on everyone’s mind is if they will be able to retain it for the next month!
















It hasn’t taken RIPP-IT-UP long to figure out this game.  Having just made their first report last week, they are now dominating the CWMA division.















Congratulations again on collectively exceeding our goal of 200,000 pounds of garlic mustard pulled and reported!  Now is the time to do your part in helping your cluster bring home the cluster cup.  Click the green button on the top right corner of this page to report your pulls now!  Also, help us to achieve our goal of 20 garlic mustard free sites by emailing garlicmustard@stewardshipnetwork.org to report your sites!


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