“Constant dripping hollows out a stone” ~ Lucretius

We know it’s hot out there.  We know you’ve already pulled a lot of garlic mustard (and dames rocket and bittercress).  We know you’re tired of the smell of garlic and the itch of the mosquito bites.  Now is not the time to give up!  Now is the time to make that last big push to get after as many of those remaining plants as you can before they go to seed.  You can do it!

Before heading back out though, let’s take a break, rehydrate, and celebrate what a great job you’ve done so far.  We have now collectively pulled and reported and outstanding 277,752 pounds of garlic mustard and other herbaceous invasive plants!

This week was a bit of a slow week in the Garlic Mustard Challenge.  Let’s assume that’s because you were all so busy pulling you haven’t had time to sit down and report!  For those that are in areas where the garlic mustard has started turning yellow and the seeds are starting to burst open you should stop pulling garlic mustard now, but you can turn your focus to dames rocket and bittercress and report those bags and pounds as well!

Here are how things are looking in the Cluster Cup Challenges:



We didn’t have any new reports of Garlic Mustard Free Sites this week but we are still celebrating the 9 Garlic Mustard Free Sites already reported.  Our goal is to get to 20 Garlic Mustard Free Sites and all you have to do to join the list below is to have no second year plants on the property.   It doesn’t matter which eradication method you used so this is the chance for all of you that are herbiciding, torching, burning or just don’t have garlic mustard to get your name on the charts!

  • Mid-Michigan has three Garlic Mustard Free Sites:  Sanford Wood, The Wild Ginger Wetland in Lake Lansing Park North, and Lake Drive around Lake Lansing.
  • Lakeplain Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Sites:  Robbe Farm Floodplain Forest at Lower Huron Metropark and Bobwhite Trail Forest at Lower Huron Metropark
  • Headwaters Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Sties:  Hickory Ridge Woodland at Kensington Metropark and North Windfall Hill Woodland at Kensington Metropark
  • West Michigan Cluster has one Garlic Mustard Free Site:  Barbara Olson’s 72 Acre neighborhood
  • Huron Arbor has one Garlic Mustard Free Site:  Entrance Woods Floodplain Forest at Hudson Mills Metropark



Huron Arbor Cluster failed to catch up with West Michigan Cluster despite that fact that West Michigan Cluster did not make any reports this week.  Has West Michigan Cluster secured the Cluster Cup already?



The Clusters in the Middle Weight Division were busy this week!  While the standings haven’t changed, Headwaters Cluster gained an even bigger lead and Southwest Corner Cluster is inching ever closer to Mid-Michigan Cluster.



Not much changed in the Light Weight Division this week, but this is the race to watch.  They are so close that anything can happen here!



RRIP-IT-UP has all but assured they will be the winners here.  That is, unless one of the other CWMA’s are holding their cards close.  Will there be a last minute upset?


Just a few final reminders:

  • Please stop pulling garlic mustard before the seed pods are bursting open (but keep pulling until then)!
  • Be sure to label your trash bags as “Invasive Species” when setting them out for curbside pickup.
  • Help us to achieve our goal of 20 garlic mustard free sites by emailing garlicmustard@stewardshipnetwork.org to report your sites.
  • Click the green button on the top right corner of this page to report your pulls.
  • Encourage all of your friends, family, neighbors, and peer organizations to pull their garlic mustard and take part in the challenge!

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