Another Big Upset with Just Hours Left in The Challenge!

The Garlic Mustard Challenge ends at midnight tonight and we are on track for a very exciting final few hours! While we’ve had a couple of big upsets in the past few weeks, there is still time for things to change.  Are our friends in the north still pulling garlic mustard?  Are the clusters in the south hard at work pulling dames rocket and bittercress?   Have those in the middle of the State been so busy pulling that they haven’t reported yet?  It’s still too close to predict which Clusters will be taking home the Cluster Cups!

In addition to an unexpected upset this week, we have some other very exciting news to report including a bunch of newly added Garlic Mustard Free Sites.  Finally, I’m am so awed to be reporting that we have now have collectively pulled 345,541 pounds of garlic mustard, dames rocket, and narrow-leaf bittercress!

With just hours left in The Garlic Mustard Challenge, here are the current standings:


In addition to exceeding our poundage goal, we have also now exceeded our Garlic Mustard Free Sites goal!  As of today, we have 24 Garlic Mustard Free Sites.  Way to go!  West Michigan Cluster gets special recognition for blowing away the other clusters and coming in with 15 Garlic Mustard Free Sites!

  • West Michigan Cluster has an astounding 15 Garlic Mustard Free Site: Barbara Olson’s 72 Acre neighborhood, North Ottawa Dunes, Rosy Mound Natural Area, Kirk Park, Connor Bayou Park, Grand River Ravines Park-North, Robinson Forest, Johnson St. Forest, Port Sheldon Natural Area, Van Buren Street Dunes, Deer Creek Park, Eastmanville Farm, Grose Park, Olive Shores Park, and Spring Grove Park
  • Mid-Michigan Cluster has three Garlic Mustard Free Sites:  Sanford Wood, The Wild Ginger Wetland in Lake Lansing Park North, and Lake Drive around Lake Lansing.
  • Lakeplain Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Sites:  Robbe Farm Floodplain Forest at Lower Huron Metropark and Bobwhite Trail Forest at Lower Huron Metropark
  • Headwaters Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Sties:  Hickory Ridge Woodland at Kensington Metropark and North Windfall Hill Woodland at Kensington Metropark
  • Huron Arbor Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Site:  Entrance Woods Floodplain Forest at Hudson Mills Metropark and Kosch Headwaters Preserve

There is still time to add your site to the list above.  All you have to do to is to have no second year plants on the property and send us an email telling us about it.   It doesn’t matter which eradication method you used so this is the chance for all of you that are herbiciding, torching, burning or just don’t have garlic mustard to get your name on the charts.


Having a taste of being in the lead, Huron Arbor Cluster reports keep pouring in!  They have now reported an almost unbelievable 101, 407 pounds.  Is there any chance for West Michigan Cluster to catch up?  If not, at least West Michigan Cluster can keep bragging rights for the most garlic mustard free sites as there is no way that Huron Arbor Cluster will be able to catch up with them there…right?


This week saw Southwest Corner Cluster making a big effort to catch Mid-Michigan.  They haven’t got there quite yet, but there are still hours left in this contest!  Meanwhile, Headwaters Cluster is proving that it might be time for them to join the Heavy Weight Division.


As promised from the beginning of the challenge, some of the biggest excitement has been in this division.  In a major twist of events, Raisin Cluster takes the lead!   Will Lakeplain Cluster surrender in the final hours or do they have a big report up their sleeve?


Is there anything else to say other than RRIP-IT-UP rocks?  They took control of this challenge early on have refused to let go!

Just a few final reminders:

  • This is the LAST DAY of the Garlic Mustard Challenge.  Make sure all of your reports are in by midnight on today, Friday, July 6th.
  • If your garlic mustard is dropping seeds, switch your efforts to bittercress and dames rocket and report those too!
  • Please stop pulling garlic mustard before the seed pods are bursting open and stay away from it once they do.
  • Be sure to label your trash bags as “Invasive Species” when setting them out for curbside pickup.
  • Report your garlic mustard free sites by emailing
  • Click the green button on the top right corner of this page to report your pulls.
  • Encourage all of your friends, family, neighbors, and peer organizations to pull their garlic mustard and take part in the challenge!

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