The Results are In!

We’ve been saying it throughout the challenge, but it’s worth saying again – What an amazing year this has been!  Perhaps you recall, our goal was to collectively pull 200,000 pounds of garlic mustard and have 20 garlic mustard free sites.  Who could have predicted that we would have shattered that goal with a total of 347,491 pounds of garlic mustard and 24 garlic mustard free sites!

Check our our final report presentation here:

A few details for you:


We had 24 Garlic Mustard Free Sites.  Kudos to West Michigan Cluster gets special recognition for blowing away the other clusters and coming in with 15 Garlic Mustard Free Sites!

  • West Michigan Cluster has an astounding 15 Garlic Mustard Free Site: Barbara Olson’s 72 Acre neighborhood, North Ottawa Dunes, Rosy Mound Natural Area, Kirk Park, Connor Bayou Park, Grand River Ravines Park-North, Robinson Forest, Johnson St. Forest, Port Sheldon Natural Area, Van Buren Street Dunes, Deer Creek Park, Eastmanville Farm, Grose Park, Olive Shores Park, and Spring Grove Park
  • Mid-Michigan Cluster has three Garlic Mustard Free Sites:  Sanford Wood, The Wild Ginger Wetland in Lake Lansing Park North, and Lake Drive around Lake Lansing.
  • Lakeplain Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Sites:  Robbe Farm Floodplain Forest at Lower Huron Metropark and Bobwhite Trail Forest at Lower Huron Metropark
  • Headwaters Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Sties:  Hickory Ridge Woodland at Kensington Metropark and North Windfall Hill Woodland at Kensington Metropark
  • Huron Arbor Cluster has two Garlic Mustard Free Site:  Entrance Woods Floodplain Forest at Hudson Mills Metropark and Kosch Headwaters Preserve



Congratulations Heavy Weight Champs, the Huron Arbor Cluster who came in with 102,507 pounds!  For more on how they did it check it out here.  West Michigan finished off the season with an impressive 79,805 pounds (more details are here).

The Headwaters Cluster dominated this division and won the cup with 51, 383 pounds!  The other clusters in this division all deserve honorable mention for their hard work as well:  Out of Cluster Area had 38,548 pounds, Mid-Michigan Cluster had 25,415 pounds, and Southwest Corner Cluster had 18,514 pounds.



In a last minute push to the finish, the Raisin Cluster secured the cup in this division with 12,848 pounds!  Lakeplain Cluster and Northern Indiana Emerging Cluster made a nice finish with 10,952 pounds and 7,880 pounds respectively.

Way to go RRIP-IT-UP!  They pulled 37,950 pounds of garlic mustard!  Northwest Michigan CWMA also had a honorable 6,960 pounds.


Thank you again to all who participated in the 2012 Garlic Mustard Challenge!  We did a lot of great work ridding our area of this invasive plant, and I hope you all had as much fun as I did!


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