Garlic Mustard Challenge 2013

Welcome back to The Stewardship Network’s Garlic Mustard Challenge blog!

Crocuses are blooming-  Can Garlic Mustard be far behind?   We’re coming up on an exciting time!  After a record-breaking amount of pounds pulled last year, we’ve increased our overall goal for 2013 to a whopping 300,000 pounds!

Excited?  We are!

As we gear up for this coming season, be sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming Garlic Mustard Webcast and official kick off of the 2013 season. This will take place on Wednesday, April 10th from 12 Noon-1pm EST.  You will find the webcast link at, or you can copy and paste the link below into your browser to join us.

Remember that any plants pulled before the start date (April 10th) may be reported and counted toward your total.  So enjoy some time outside as the weather warms and see if you can scout out some Garlic Mustard near you!

Happy Spring!


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