The Challenge is Underway!

The 2013 Garlic Mustard Challenge has begun! Last year’s success was truly inspiring- we can’t wait to see what another year of working together brings!

The cluster competition is heating up with some groups already reporting pulls. (Way to go Nature Conservancy and Huron Clinton Metroparks volunteers!)

You can find the reporting form by clicking the green button on the right side of your screen. We will ask you to include event/location information and also any experiences you’d like to share! Remember, you don’t have to weigh what you pulled. We’ve run the tests, crunched the numbers, and have figured out the fancy conversions to turn your pull’s mass into poundage. We’ll take care of that if you just report the number and size of bags pulled!

You can check out a schedule of upcoming workdays on our online calendar: Just select “Garlic Mustard Pulls” in the Topic menu, and click “view available events” to search. Feel free to send any questions to Rachel at

So get outside, have fun, and don’t forget to report your bags! We’ll be sending out our first update next Friday.

Happy Pulling!


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