Rocket Boost

Those of you who have been reporting your bags may have seen “Rocket Boost” on our form. This addition to the competition allows for your bags of Garlic Mustard to be “boosted” with some other types of invasive plants. Accepted species are currently limited to Dames Rocket and Narrow-leaf Bittercress.

Rocket Boost’s purpose is to increase awareness of other invasive plants that are usually found in the same areas as Garlic Mustard and controlled at the same time. They are also easy to pull and identify. There is no penalty for groups who choose to remain focused solely on Garlic Mustard for this competition as Dames Rocket and Narrow-leaf Bittercress tend to weigh the same amount as Garlic Mustard. This way, reported totals will remain fair.

More groups have sent in bag counts. An update on the current standings will be posted on Friday!


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