Recognizing the Rocket: Part 2

Narrow-leaf Bittercress as described by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service:
“biennial herbaceous plant; with erect form; 6″-31″ tall; shiny green in color
- stem leaves alternate; numerous (6-20); thin and pliable; up to 4″ long, or longer
- lower and middle stem leaves have 6-9 pairs of long-pointed, somewhat lobed leaflets
- small ears of the leaf bases remain on the mainstem when the principal leaves are removed – flower petals may be absent; if present, 4, white, tiny (1/10″ long or less); in June
- fruit is a slender, upward-growing, string bean-like silique 6/10″ to 3/4″ long”
– Pyle, 2002. Invasive Species Identification Sheet

bittercress Photo from Minnesota Wildflowers

The reporting forms are starting to roll in- Keep up the great work everyone!
Happy Pulling!


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