Early Work

As some of our volunteers who pulled in snow flurries can attest, the 2013 season has been a little chilly. The temperatures have repressed the growth of everything- not just our invasive friend.  It’s easy to get discouraged by lower bag counts after early season pulls, but you must remember the results of the great work you’re doing by removing these plants, regardless of their size. Everyone’s work is equally important in April as it is in June.


Remember that getting an earlier start means:

– The ability to access more sites and impact a wider area.

– The ability to do a walk through of the site later in the season and catch
anything you missed earlier, and then report the site as garlic mustard
free (last year, the West Michigan Cluster reported the most garlic
mustard free sites!)

– It will be easier to see the garlic mustard before other foliage starts coming in

– There will be less poison ivy and mosquitoes!


Though we’ve had a cold start, the numbers that are coming in are very impressive and higher than the pounds pulled at this time last season! We’re poised for a great year. Your work in the early season is hugely important. Remember that all that hard work will pay off!


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