Posted in May 2013

Weekly Update

Week 8 has come to a close and we are only 4 weeks away from the end of the competition! Don’t forget to tell us about any Garlic Mustard Free Sites on your reporting form, or you can email us the information at Let’s see if we can top last year and have 25! … Continue reading

Garlic Mustard- Invasivore Spinach

Andrew M. Deines, PhD This weedy invasive species can be used in many delicious dishes, but a salad is not a conservation silver bullet.  Garlic mustard: some spring in your step I recently started a job in Ann Arbor, MI.  Immediately prior to this, whenever I was feeling peckish, I could pop out of the … Continue reading

Next Generation Stewards

This year we have had a huge amount of participation from the K-12 Students.  Pounds and acres aside, we can all agree that helping young people to value the natural world is one of the most important things we can do as a society. Growing this part of the environmental community is imperative for making … Continue reading

A Letter for Inspiration

If you’re lucky enough, you’ve seen Aristolochia serpentaria in bloom.  If you’re like me, you almost passed it by, walking through the early June foliage of a floodplain forest.   But something caught the corner of your eye and you stopped, did a double-take, and went back a step or two.  You bent down to part … Continue reading

First Year Plants

A common question has come up again- What about those little first year plants? It’s easy to become overzealous and want to pull out all of those little fellas, but take a moment to consider… When you see a dense monoculture of first year plants, the vast majority (+90%) of them will not survive because … Continue reading

Week 5 Comes to a Close

Another week of the Garlic Mustard Challenge has come to a close. Plants are bolting, and the numbers are growing! First, lets hear about some of this week’s superstars: UpStream is a hands on stream ecology program at Upton Middle School in St. Joseph, MI.   Rachel K. (7th grade) helped pull after school and bagged … Continue reading

Using GIS to Manage Invasive Species

One of the emerging tools in natural resource management is the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). These systems use hardware, such as GPS units, and software to create, manage, and analyze geographical data. Google Earth is a type of GIS. The satellite images provide the background data, and the roads, park boundaries, water bodies, … Continue reading

Week 4 Update

We’ve continued to grow our pull numbers this week and have achieved a total of 18,674 lbs! Before we see how the numbers fell, we need to give a shout out to a few of this week’s awesome volunteers: Folks who pulled as a part of the Red Oaks Nature Center and Friendship Woods workday … Continue reading