Week 3 Comes to a Close

Rounding out the third week of the competition, the bag counts have continued to roll in!

A5309A0345C3476B97B7E83942146E4DPictured above: Group from University of Michigan Dearborn pulling at the Henry Ford Estate

The Huron Arbor Cluster maintains their strong hold in the heavy weight division with 7,100 lbs- but the West Michigan Cluster is just getting started…


The Mid-Michigan Cluster has taken over the middle division with 1,170 lbs, but the Out of Cluster Area is not far behind with 1,051!


The Lakeplain Cluster went crazy this week, bringing their count to  1,830 lbs!


Our Cumulative total for week 3 is 13,026 lbs!  We’re on track for another fantastic year!

We’ve had several great reports this week:

“This is the third year in a row weeding the same location and it is truly gratifying to be able to see the impact. There is far less GM this year than in either of the previous years…” – ArcelorMittal Conshohocken, PA

“My neighbor, Scott, has been on a personal mission for 10 years back in Miller Nature Area… I sat and pulled with him and thought I’d throw our weight into the challenge. Feeling motivated to pull some more!” – Susan W.

“We pulled garlic mustard from a beech-maple forest and a floodplain forest. They were all very small rosettes. We found native buttercup species in bloom!” – Brianna K.

“Our students, 4th to 8th graders, love our back yard. We have participated in mustard pulls for over 8 years. This is pick number one for the season. … We will continue to ‘Kill the Mustard'”- Derek S. for Kazoo School Stewards


Here is a last minute posting for an event on Tuesday-

Title: Volunteer Stewardship Day – Garlic Mustard Pull
Date:  Tuesday, May 7, 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Location: Ada Township Park, 1180 Buttrick Dr., Ada, MI  49301
Hosted with: Ada Township Parks Dept.
Description of event:   Volunteer Stewardship Work Day – Garlic Mustard removal and other landscape projects.  All supplies provided – dress for outdoor work.
For more information, contact: Mark Fitzpatrick, 616-676-0520.  mfitzpatrick@adaownshipmi.com

Remember to check out http://www.stewardshipnetworkonline.org to find Garlic Mustard pulling events near you!  Enjoy the warming weather and keep up the great work!


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