Week 4 Update

We’ve continued to grow our pull numbers this week and have achieved a total of

18,674 lbs!

Before we see how the numbers fell, we need to give a shout out to a few of this week’s awesome volunteers:

Folks who pulled as a part of the Red Oaks Nature Center and Friendship Woods workday pulled in the pouring rain. Even though some participants are in the Huron Valley Swim Club and used to a little water, that takes dedication!

Cherry Creek Elementary had 9 classes out to work this week… and not only did they get the kids outside for a little hike, but they put together an amazing educational program about the history of the plant, identification, and proper removal/disposal. “Kids come back and tell me they’ve pulled in their neighborhood or at Grandma’s house”  Talk about preparing future stewards! Thank you for all you’re doing!


GM Chart HW-2

The Huron Arbor Cluster maintains the lead in the heavy weight division with 8315 pounds, but the West Michigan Cluster is just getting started…

GM Chart MW-2

The Out of Cluster Area (2491 pounds) is right on the heels of the Headwaters Cluster (2520 pounds)! They are only separated by 29 lbs… That’s less than 2 kitchen sized bags!

GM Chart LW-2The Lakeplain Cluster is in the lead with 1830 lbs in the Lightweight Division.

There is no action to report on the CWMA front… Yet!

Remember, as the plants mature and bolt, they gain a lot of mass… So anything can happen in this competition.  Stay tuned to see how you’re measuring up!

Great work, Everyone!  Happy Friday!


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