Week 5 Comes to a Close

Another week of the Garlic Mustard Challenge has come to a close. Plants are bolting, and the numbers are growing! First, lets hear about some of this week’s superstars:

UpStream is a hands on stream ecology program at Upton Middle School in St. Joseph, MI.   Rachel K. (7th grade) helped pull after school and bagged 30 pounds from the stream banks, buffer and nature area. Way to go!

Ives Road Fen Preserve in Tecumseh has been busy with volunteer teams from Americorps and the Ford Company. They have made great progress!

“People for Palmer Park” joined together for the first Garlic Mustard Pull at Palmer Park in Detroit. “There is a very nice woods there, with only a few patches of GM that we were able to pull.” Great News!

5th graders from Alto Elementary came out and helped pull garlic mustard from the Wege Preserve last week. They were studying ecosystems and biodiversity and this was something they could do to help encourage biodiversity.

Big thank you to our dedicated volunteers and those of you who are engaging younger people in the field!

Now for the Weekly Update:

The Lakeplain Cluster (2,970 lbs) is slightly head of the Raisin Cluster who has ( 2,740 lbs).


The Northeast Michigan CWMA has jumped into the race with 600lbs.


The Headwaters Cluster ( 2,910 lbs) maintains it’s slight lead over the Out of Cluster Area ( 2,491 lbs). MidMichigan and Southwest Corner Clusters’ numbers have stayed the same at 1260 lbs and 225 lbs, respectively.


The Huron Arbor Cluster has bagged 10,860 lbs so far, and the West Michigan Cluster is right on their heels with 10,478 lbs!


Our grand total is: 34,534 Pounds!

Please continue to get outside, enjoy the weather, and keep up the great work!

Happy Pulling, everyone!


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