We’re Officially Halfway Through the Season!

Our overall total for the competition is 55,743 pounds this week.  We have a ways to go to meet our seasonal goal, but on the bright side, we have had a HUGE amount of reporters say their numbers are smaller this year because their areas are almost rid of Garlic Mustard! We’ll take that trade off anyday!

Here are the current standings:

The Huron Arbor Cluster (11,945 lbs.) jumped in front of the West Michigan Cluster (11,783)  in the heavy weight division. They’re separated by less than 200 lbs!


The middle weight divisions is as follows:

1)   Mid-Michigan (12,080)

2) Out of Cluster Area (5,950)

3)  Headwaters (3,210)

4)   Southwest Corner (1,965)


The CWMA race looks like this:


And in the Lightweight division: The Lakeplain Cluster (3,910 lbs) is ahead of the Raisin Cluster (3,250), with the Emerging Western Lake Erie and Northern Indiana Clusters waiting to get on the board.


Check out what has been going on in the field this week:

“Americorps Signature Service Project, largest americorps event in the state every year. Fenner Nature Center [Lansing, MI] was host to three teams of americorps members, who filled bags so full of garlic-mustard that some took two people to lift.”   – This event had a huge showing and pulled about 7,250 lbs in 2 days!

“I would like to report my property is now 98% Garlic Mustard free…”

“We made out third pass through this beautiful woodland. The trillium are turning pink, the wild ginger is thick and lush. Five years ago it was a solid mass of [Garlic Mustard].  – Ann Arbor Wild Ones in Dexter-Huron Metropark

“One more trip might make it garlic mustard free for this season.”

“Wild Ginger wetland is now clear of adult garlic mustard plants! I have been working around this wetland for five or six years now. The first year, I cleared garlic mustard from just one edge of the wetland, and there were ten 30-gallon bags worth just in that area. Every year there is less and less! (about 1/2 as much as last year) By controlling garlic mustard here, we’ve also kept it from becoming established in the 550 acre park next- door.“ – Mid-Michigan Stewardship Initiative

The Huron Clinton Metroparks had an awesome group of volunteers from the The North Face who braved the bitter cold to pull garlic mustard yesterday.  Thanks for your great work!



Another great week! Let’s keep working together to reach our goal of 300,000 lbs this year!

Happy Pulling!


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