Next Generation Stewards

This year we have had a huge amount of participation from the K-12 Students.  Pounds and acres aside, we can all agree that helping young people to value the natural world is one of the most important things we can do as a society. Growing this part of the environmental community is imperative for making a healthy plant- but more importantly, working with young folks is just plain fun.

Check out these organizations and individuals who went above and beyond in the last few weeks:

“The Put-in-Bay Girl Scouts pulled eight bags [240lbs.] of garlic mustard at the Wulkowicz Woods on Earth Day. They have taken on a special project to educate all about garlic mustard.”

“The City of Rocky River in Ohio has organized a garlic mustard pull for the past 15 years or so. This year, the woman who led the effort asked RR High School to take over this event. The High School Environmental Club, led by Lisa Borgia, and several students taking Honors Biology, College Biology, and Advanced Placement Biology, led by Ann Brokaw, as well as a missionary group from the region all participated in this year’s annual pull.”

The Hilbert Middle School Ecology Club from Redford, MI went out in search of Garlic Mustard last week- pulling was a new experience for some of the members. Way to go, guys!

Big thanks to the Boy Scout Troop at who pulled at Fenner Nature Center in Lansing, MI, last week. They pulled a total of 330 lbs- the same amount pulled by 6th graders from White Pines Middle School in Grand Haven, MI!

Pictured below are volunteers from Lansing Christian School, led by Leslie Kuhn and Kyle Lurvey, pulling on behalf of the Mid-Michigan Cluster. The photo is aptly named “37 Bags large later.”  Awesome Job!


Student groups have been responsible for some big numbers this year- Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! The Garlic Mustard Challenge totals would not be in the same place without all of you.


Want tips on how to positively engage your child in more outdoor activities like Garlic Mustard Pulls? Stay tuned for future posts!

In other news: Did anyone notice that the Mid-Michigan Cluster from the Middle Weight division had the largest reporting numbers last week? They even beat the powerhouse clusters in the Heavy Weight division! Amazing Work, Team!

Keep up the great work, and happy pulling!


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