Weekly Update

Week 8 has come to a close and we are only 4 weeks away from the end of the competition!

Don’t forget to tell us about any Garlic Mustard Free Sites on your reporting form, or you can email us the information at Garlicmustard@stewardshipnetwork.org. Let’s see if we can top last year and have 25!


Our total weight has come to 79,686 Pounds!


The Huron Arbor Cluster still has held onto their slight lead over West Michigan in the Heavy Weight Division.



Mid-Michigan has continued to do great things and is on par with the Heavy Weight division! The Out of Cluster area is in 2nd with Headwaters trailing not too far behind. The Southwest Corner rounds out the division with a respectable 2,460 pounds.


Northwest Michigan has control over the CWMA’s with 3,365. RRIP-IT-UP and Northeast Michigan follow in second and third.



In the Lightweight Division, the Raisin Cluster has taken control with 5,865 pounds, and the Lakeplain isn’t far behind with 4,900 lbs. No news yet from the Emerging Western Lake Erie or Northern Indiana Clusters.




Check out what has been happening this week:

“Four locations in Interlochen where I have been pulling for as many as 7 years. Pull time and quantity of plants is MUCH less than initial years.”

“This is the 4th year that I have pulled garlic mustard and the amount that I pulled this year was much less than previous years. I pulled it for 2 hours today and I think I am done for the season. My neighbor kids came out to help me… The little girl had learned about garlic mustard in school and went on a field trip to a park to pull it, so she knew exactly what to do.”

Cub Scout Pack 104 in Ann Arbor, MI deserves a big shout out this week for their hard work pulling over 500 pounds! Projects like these help the boys work toward a World Conservation Badge. Good Luck, Guys!

Some Chippewa Middle School Students pulled in Mason, MI as part of a community service project. Their was a stark difference from the time they started to when they finished- Thank you Abby, Ally, Shenika, Naiomi, and Inga!

“There was such a reduction in garlic mustard I felt embarrassed to call it a garlic mustard pull, we might as well call it a dames rocket pull with hid and go seek garlic mustard. This is good news!” –From Blandford Nature Center in Grand Rapids, MI

Finally a big thank you to the DTE Care Corps who came out for a quick Garlic Mustard Pull. This is the second effort by DTE to assist Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy in invasive species removal on LeFurge Woods Nature Preserve.


Thanks for all your hard work!


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