The Plastic Bag

I bet a lot of you eco-conscious folks are thinking Plastic bags? Really?!

…Or maybe not. But that’s what I was concerned with in the beginning. We already addressed Composting vs. Landfill destinations for Garlic Mustard, but plastic bags are a whole different story. This is what I learned: big trash bags are the best way to control wild little Garlic Mustard seeds. Not only are there hundreds in each plant, but they are also sticky and will take any opportunity to attach themselves to things like dogs, deer, and your pants or shoes! You may even see some shoe brushing stations (Check out this post- From Fairfax County Park Authority in Virginia) that are used to deter seeds from spreading.

Unlike paper lawn bags, the plastic bags are easy to close, seal quickly, and break down due to moisture is not a concern. Make sure before using any container that there aren’t any tears* in the material- It would be a shame to leave a trail of Garlic Mustard after all your hard work!  The bottom line is that plastic bags are the most pragmatic approach for containing this nasty weed.

*If your bags are torn, check out some different upcycling/downcycling opportunities.

Try to set aside some time in your day for fresh air and a pull- and don’t forget to share your stories, bag numbers, and Garlic Mustard Free Sites with us!

Enjoy the week!


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