The Current Standings with Only Weeks Left in the Competition

Today we have officially passed the 100,000 pound mark!

Our grand total has come to 103,473 pounds! 

Only a few weeks left in the challenge, remember to report your haul!  Here are the current standings for the competition:

The Huron Arbor Cluster sneaked a little further ahead of West Michigan this week in the heavy weight division.


The Mid Michigan Cluster has continued to grow their numbers to an impressive 18,411 pounds this week- Way to go! The rest of our middle weight contenders are starting to report some large hauls, so this race is far from over…


The Northwestern Michigan CWMA continues to hold the lead in the CWMA division


And finally this week, the Lakeplain Cluster has dethroned the Raisin Cluster in the light weight division!


This week was full of great stories of volunteer teams out in the field! Here are just a few:


“This was the annual Rouge Rescue garlic mustard pull at Berberian Woods. Denso International associates join forces with City of Southfield volunteers and Six Rivers RLC volunteers to continue the fantastic success at this floodplain forest park and preserve in the heart of Southfield. Working directly along the Rouge River today, this group broke all sorts of records — most pulled at Rouge Rescue in Southfield by Denso, most pulled out of Berberian Headwaters Cluster workday. What a crew!!”

7th graders at North Rockford Middle School pulled garlic mustard on the school’s property after learning about invasive species in science class. They pulled over 2,000 pounds!! Thanks for all your awesome work!

On National Trails Day, The Friends of Oakwoods teamed up with REI at Oakwoods Metropark to do some serious stewardship: “Over 100 people pitched in to pull almost 100 bags of garlic mustard from the nature trails before going on to enjoy canoe rides, live music, nature hikes, and, of course, food. Lots of fun was had by all!”


“As a part of the Rouge Rescue site and Rouge Park Appreciation Day at Rouge Park in Detroit, several groups pulled garlic mustard in the Rouge River floodplain. A group of 20 Marathon employees and other volunteers filled 60 bags, another team of scouts filled 23 bags and students from several Detroit schools filled one bag.” Sounds like an awesome event!

It’s so great to hear stories of people having fun at pull events, and really encouraging to see what even a small group is capable of! This week we had even more reports of areas with less Garlic Mustard  growing than seen in previous years. Our fight to eradicate this invasive species is not over yet, but our hours of hard work are really starting to pay off!

Have a great week and Happy Pulling!


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