Who’s Been Pulling?

The Eastern Upper Penninsula Cooperative Weed Management Area spent time at Engadine School this week teaching the 4th and 5th graders about Garlic Mustard.  They then went to Milikokia Lake State Forest Campground and pulled ALL the 2nd year plants at 11 campsites. Could this great day get any better?  Two words: Ice Cream.

Thanks EUP CWMA and great work, kids!


This week we received an awesome report from Geauga Park District in Chardon, Ohio. Their total was a whopping 1,1770 pounds- 900 of which were pulled by 12 Cargil Corporation employees and two staff members! Nice Job!

As you may have seen in this week’s email, Hamilton County Parks & Rec. means business when it comes to Garlic Mustard.  They account for almost 16% of the Out-Of-Cluster total!  “We have had various groups volunteer to help in the Garlic Mustard Challenge. Aimco was a group where we did take pictures. We have also had INPAWS members and Hamilton County Master Gardeners, Indiana Master Naturalists, and families come join the fun!”  Big thanks to Holly Faust the HCPR Group for all your hard work!!


4th graders in Shaugn Harris’ class from Haisely Elementary in Ann Arbor, MI spent 2 hours in 80 degree hear pulling over 300 pounds! Go Huskies!



EUP CWMA had another great work day at the Cut River Bridge in Epoufette, MI.  These guys have put in a ton of hours and braved the elements to clear the bridge area this season. Thanks for all your hard work!


In Novi, MI the ITC Green Team members and other staff volunteers pulled garlic mustard from their fitness trail. “The event involved a short woodland wildflower tour to educate volunteers on the importance of invasive species control and discuss the native plants this effort was helping protect.” How cool!


“On June 4th, 18 community members gathered in an Otsego County woodland to continue waging the battle against invasive species by manually removing 300 pounds of garlic mustard… The patches of garlic mustard were also much less dense this year. By working to eliminate small patches, we are stopping garlic mustard before it spreads and becomes more difficult and costly to remove. This helps protect the native vegetation and improves the health of local forest ecosystems.”


Finally, Check out these photos sent to us by a DNR Conservation Steward in Brighton, MI


Keep sending in your stories along with your pull reports! It’s nice to see so many smiling faces… and so many bags full of Garlic Mustard!!  Keep up the great work!


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