Only One More Week to Go!

As we enter into the last week of the Garlic Mustard Challenge, we would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication this season.  We will be announcing the challenge winners at the beginning of our monthly webcast on July 10th at Noon EST.  You can access the webcast through the Stewardship Network Website.  Mark your calendars and tune in!

Don’t forget to report your pull and let us know about any areas you cleared of all 2nd year plants: just send a quick email to so we can get to that final count!

We’ve had a flood of reports this week, which resulted in a few shake-ups in the ranks!  Here’s what happened:

The Lakeplain Cluster is holding on tight to the lead in the Light Weight division with over 11,000 pounds!  The Raisin Cluster is still on their heels though, and anything can happen in this stage of the game!


RRIP-IT-UP really went to work this week!  Marquette County Conservation District came in with some really amazing numbers, boosting the group to 15,225 pounds!



The Mid-Michigan Cluster has kept their momentum at the top of the Middle Weight division, but Headwaters is not going down without a fight- We’ll see what numbers come in next week!



Finally, the Huron Arbor Cluster has had a very impressive showing this season and has racked up 39,580 pounds!   That’s over 7,000 pound difference from their weight just last week.


Our cumulative total has come to

173,057 pounds!

And reports are still coming in… this race is far from over! Stay tuned for some updates from the field on Monday!

Thanks everyone, and as always…

Happy pulling!


One thought on “Only One More Week to Go!

  1. Found a first-year plant in a sidewalk crack in our city backyard–totally sure the seed came from me cleaning boots back there. I left it growing (for a while) to show guests, as a way to talk about boot cleaning before entering natural areas.

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