Field Updates

6th graders from Newaygo Middle School pulled over 3 days at Diamond Lake County Park, Croton, MI, and Flats along the Muskegon River. Thanks to Debra Iwema for sharing your knowledge and skills with your class!  We’ve had so many exceptional teachers contribute to the challenge this year- Thank you for all you do!

RRIP-IT-UP had an exciting week in and around Marquette, MI. While they did encounter some monocultures, they also stumbled upon a few morel mushrooms- how exciting! Father Marquette Middle Schoolers came out to do some pulling, and Marquette County Conservation District had some great volunteers earlier in the month!

“These nice young helpers pulled the garlic mustard because their father (a DNR Fisheries Person) made them at their country home. In addition to the weed removal, they are protecting a hillside covered with beautiful Jack in the Pulpit! They were such great helpers and I was so proud of these young men!”

Marigold Woods Homeowners Association in Holland, MI has been doing great things for the past few years and has really started to see a difference in their natural areas. They’ve seen a decrease in Garlic Mustard plants and created a strong community of volunteers in their area.

 “In addition to the decrease in [Garlic Mustard] numbers, we have educated many of our homeowners about this invasive plant, as well as some of our ‘extended’ neighbors. We have heard many stories of those people spreading the word – not the plant – to others. One of the main purposes of removing this invasive plant is to allow the native plants to thrive. This year, a West Ottawa High School biology teacher showed us two native plants that have reappeared in our Commons, Showy Solomon’s Seal and White Baneberry.”

We got good news from the Lake Erie Chapter of the Black Swamp Conservancy last week! Employees from Put-in-bay took a day off to mulch trails and pull garlic mustard.  The crew of 25 had 1650 pounds of pulled invasives to be proud of at the end of the day!

Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Commission teamed up with Alpha Theta Chi of Hope College for a pull at Historic Ottawa Beach Parks.  “This year was chilly and damp but the guys always work hard and have a good time together!”   – Thanks for your hard work, guys!

The Commission is also working with students from White Pines Middle School in Grand Haven: “After four years of pulling garlic mustard each spring, they are noticing that their hard work is paying off!”  How Exciting!


Ann Hubbard in Ann Arbor shared some great photos with us: Check out this Before and After!


Here are a few more pictures from West Michigan:

Tunnel Park in Holland is getting closer to becoming garlic mustard free! With the help of the volunteers, we were able to protect the beautiful wildflowers by thoroughly searching for any trace of garlic mustard.


They were also working hard in Georgetown Township!6_24_5

“Hillshire Brands of Zeeland is a very hardworking group! They collected 22 big bags of garlic mustard with big smiles on their faces.”   Thanks for all your hard work! 


Keep the stories coming- we love hearing from you!  Good luck in the last week of competition, and don’t forget to report your pulls and garlic mustard free sites!

Enjoy the day and happy pulling!


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