And the winners are…

Did you miss the July webcast, where we announced the winners of the 2013 Garlic Mustard Challenge Cluster Cups? Check out this wonderful prezi presentation, put together by this year’s Garlic Mustard Challenge Coordinator, Rachel Muelle!

Click here to check out the 2013 Challenge Results!

Along the bottom of the presentation window, you’ll see an arrow pointing left and right. You can use these to navigate forward and backward in the presentation.

And here’s brief rundown…

Collectively, we pulled 260,001 pounds of garlic mustard this spring. Nice going everybody!

Huron Arbor won the Heavy Weight cup, pulling a total of 77,787 pounds.

Mid-Michigan won the Medium Weight cup with 26,680 pounds “in the bag.”

The light weight cup was won by the Lakeplain Cluster, weighing in at 15,695 pounds.

In our Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) division, RRIP-IT-UP won with 27,750 pounds.

And finally, the West Michigan Cluster had the highest number of Garlic Mustard Free Sites, reporting 20 locations free of second year garlic mustard plants.

We’re blown away by all of your reports, and all of your hours spent pulling. Thanks to everybody for all of your amazing work this spring. We can’t wait to build on this success for our next Challenge in 2014!


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