Weekly Update: May 9th

We’re officially one month into the 2014 Garlic Mustard Challenge! It’s been a slow ramp up this year, but with thunderstorms rolling through, leaves finally budding out, and temperatures reaching the 80s yesterday here in Ann Arbor, I think it’s fair to say that Spring has finally sprung. It seems like in the last week alone, we’ve seen plants go from rosettes to bolting, budding, and beginning to flower. Those four white petals sure do make an easy-to-spot target, don’t they? Get out there and get pulling!

WE’RE AT 7,812 POUNDS out of our total goal of 300,000. We’ve got a ways to go, but now that those plants are getting bigger, so will our bags!

In the HEAVY WEIGHT DIVISION, the Huron Arbor Cluster takes the lead with over the West Michigan Cluster at 2,720 pounds to 0!


In the MIDDLE WEIGHT DIVISION, the Mid-Michigan Cluster takes an early lead with 120 pounds! They’re battling it out against the Southwest Corner Cluster (currently standing at 30 pounds) and the Headwaters Cluster (currently standing at 0 pounds).Middle_Weight_5.9.2014


In the LIGHT WEIGHT DIVISION, the Raisin Cluster is on firm footing with 1,105 pounds! They’re competing against the Lakeplain Cluster, Western Lake Erie Cluster, “Northeastern Indiana” Cluster (official name in the works and formerly the Emerging Northern Indiana Cluster), and the Southeast Hub of The Stewardship Network: New England (all at 0 pounds).

And let’s not forget the OUT OF CLUSTER crowd! You don’t have to live and work within one of our Clusters to report your pounds to the Garlic Mustard Challenge. Folks from across the U.S. and Canada can report they’re pounds to join our effort. As of now, “Out of Cluster” folks have reported pulling a whopping 3,837 pounds from North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Indiana. Keep up the amazing work everybody!


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