Weekly Update: May 16th

The garlic mustard is bulking up, and so are the pounds in the Garlic Mustard Challenge! At the end of the fifth full week of the 2014 Garlic Mustard Challenge, we’ve pulled 11,658 pounds! 

In the Heavy Weight Division, the Huron Arbor Cluster is in the lead with 4,030 pounds! However, West Michigan Cluster has gotten on the board with 929 pounds. Look out Huron Arbor, WMC is on their way!


In the Middle Weight Division, Mid-Michigan is still keeping ahead with 630 pounds reported. Southwest Corner is closing the gap though, with 420 pounds reported. Headwaters is hanging back, but there are still plenty of weeks to go!


In the Light Weight Division, the Raisin Cluster is towering above the rest with 1,530 pounds in the game!


In the CWMA (Cooperative Weed Management Area) Division, the Northeast Michigan CWMA takes an early lead with 240 pounds!


Plenty of folks who don’t live or work within the Cluster are also getting out, pulling, and reporting their pounds! In the last week, our Out-of-Cluster category has climbed up to 4,119 pounds!

And a big shout out to those of you reporting Garlic Mustard Free Sites! Thank you Chris Leodler (Leslie, MI), Danny Massengale (Grass Lake, MI), and Katie Grzesiak (two sites in Manistee, MI). We’re now 8% of the way to our goal of 50 Garlic Mustard Free sites!

You guys are all doing amazing work. Keep it up, and keep reporting your pounds here!


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