Weekly Update: May 23rd

Another week down in the 2014 Garlic Mustard Challenge, and our total pounds have more than doubled! At the close of this week, we’ve collectively pulled (and reported)…

27,399 pounds of garlic mustard!

In the Heavy Weight Division, Huron Arbor is still keeping ahead of West Michigan. Will they be able to keep the lead through the end of the Challenge, or is West Michigan lulling them into a false sense of security?

Huron Arbor stands at 6,675 pounds
West Michigan stands at 3,674 pounds


In the Middle Weight Division, Mid-Michigan and Southwest Corner both make big strides forward, with Mid-Michigan maintaining the lead. Headwaters also jumps on board this week. With a month left to go in the Garlic Mustard Challenge, anything can happen!

Mid-Michigan maintains their lead with 4,020 pounds
Southwest Corner’s hounding them, climbing up to 1,830 pounds
Headwaters gets on the board with 40 pounds


In the Light Weight Division, the Raisin Cluster is reigning supreme! Two more Clusters (Lakplain and Southeast Hub) get on the board this week, adding a little fire to Raisin’s heels. “Northeastern Indiana” and Western Lake Erie have yet to make reports, though we know at least one of them definitely has some pounds stored up.

Raisin stands at 3,525 pounds
Lakeplain stands at 1,530 pounds
TSN:NE Southeast Hub stands at 240 pounds
“Northeastern Indana” and Western Lake Erie both stand at 0 pounds


In the Cooperative Weed Management Area Division, the Northeast Michigan CWMA holds at 240 pounds. So far they’re safe so far, but not for long. We’ve seen some reports coming in from RRIP-IT-UP after the holiday weekend.

Northeast Michigan CWMA stands at 240 pounds
Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network and RRIP-IT-UP stand at 0 pounds (for now)


And people pulling far and wide are reporting their pounds to the total in the Garlic Mustard Challenge, pulling an awesome 5,865 pounds for the “Out of Cluster” category!

Bonnie Schaub also adds another Garlic Mustard Free Site from Ada, Michigan. That puts us at 10% of our goal of 50 Garlic Mustard Free Sites. Thanks Bonnie!

Hard to believe there’s only one month left in this year’s Garlic Mustard Challenge. Don’t forget to report your pounds and Garlic Mustard Free sites to count them towards our goal: 300,000 pounds and 50 Garlic Mustard Free Sites!



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