Posted in June 2014

Weekly Update: June 20th

Here we are – only four days away from the end of the 2014 Garlic Mustard Challenge! Spring has flown by once again, and the calendar matches what the weather’s already known for a while: it’s officially summer. As we wind towards Friday, be sure to get in all your garlic mustard reports from over … Continue reading

Weekly Update: June 13th

Less than two full weeks left in the 2014 Garlic Mustard Challenge – and that garlic mustard is sure getting long in the tooth! Are you still out pulling, or have the seed pods started popping where you are? Let us know in the comments below! As of June 13th, we’ve raised our total to … Continue reading

Weekly Update: June 6th

At the end of last week, our total for the Garlic Mustard Challenge was up to 38,426 pounds! We’ve got just nineteen days to go until the end of this year’s Challenge, and a long way to go before we reach our goal of 300,000 pounds. What’s keeping our pounds pulled so low this year? … Continue reading

Alternative Methods: Garlic Mustard “Crushing”

From Rich Dunbar, Division of Nature Preserves – Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources Many people, including at times myself, recommend bagging and removing garlic mustard because the plants can continue to develop even once uprooted. As you know from direct experience, bagging and hauling out garlic mustard can take as much effort as pulling the … Continue reading

The New Kid on the Garlic Mustard Block

From Ellen Snyder Partnership Coordinator, The Stewardship Network: New England The Stewardship Network: New England joined the Garlic Mustard Challenge this year. When we sent out inquiries across New Hampshire this past winter, most conservation partners responded that garlic mustard wasn’t present on their lands. We knew of pockets of garlic mustard in the state, … Continue reading

Weekly Update: May 30th

Welcome to June, everybody! While we’ve entered a new month, this update is from last Friday, at the tail end of May. As the real start of summer approaches, it’s important to start keeping on eye on these garlic mustard plants before you wade in to pull them. Here in Ann Arbor, we’re seeing the … Continue reading