Weekly Update: June 6th

At the end of last week, our total for the Garlic Mustard Challenge was up to 38,426 pounds! We’ve got just nineteen days to go until the end of this year’s Challenge, and a long way to go before we reach our goal of 300,000 pounds. What’s keeping our pounds pulled so low this year? Are you seeing less garlic mustard in the field? Are the plants smaller? Has your pulling season been shortened because of the late spring? Please share your thoughts and observations in the comment section below to give us a sense of how these plants are responding after that  polar-vortex-packed winter.

Or, is it just that everybody is waiting until the last minute to report in hopes of giving their Cluster a competitive edge? Speaking of competitive edges, it seems that the early lead was key in each weight class, as many division standing remain the same even while the pounds increase.

In the Heavy Weight Division, Huron Arbor holds onto the lead with 8,940 pounds while the West Michigan Cluster keeps hounding them, coming in this week at 6,224 pounds.

*graph coming soon!*

In the Middle Weight Division, Mid-Michigan grasps the lead with just their finger tips, coming in at 4,650 while Southwest Corner pulls up at 4,230. Headwaters hangs back with 40 pounds.

*graph coming soon!*

In the Light Weight Division, Raisin holds strong at 4,222 pounds, with Lakeplain at 1,560, and The Stewardship Network: New England Southeast Hub coming in at 360 pounds. Western Lake Erie and Lakes Country (the new, official name of Cluster formerly known as “Northeastern Indiana”), are still waiting to get on the board.

*graph coming soon!*

In the CWMA Division, the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network lengthens their lead, coming in at 2,040 pounds at the end of last week. The Northwest Michigan CWMA holds back at 240 pounds, and RRIP-IT-UP at 120 pounds.

*graph coming soon!*

And two mentions (and big thank yous) go out this week. One to our Out-of-Cluster pullers, who brought their total up to 8,200 pounds at the end of last week. Nice work, everybody! And the second to Chris Leodler, who reported a second Garlic Mustard Free site in Leslie, MI. That brings us up to 7 Garlic Mustard Free Sites!

The Garlic Mustard Challenge is definitely a marathon, not a sprint, so I hope you’ve all saved a little something for this last push. Nineteen more days everyone – keep reporting!


One thought on “Weekly Update: June 6th

  1. Plenty of very healthy garlic mustard on my land (as usual). I wonder if people might be pulling but not reporting. I didn’t bother to report until today and reported a cumulative total.

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