Weekly Update: June 13th

Less than two full weeks left in the 2014 Garlic Mustard Challenge – and that garlic mustard is sure getting long in the tooth! Are you still out pulling, or have the seed pods started popping where you are? Let us know in the comments below!

As of June 13th, we’ve raised our total to 50,396 pounds!

In the Heavy Weight Division, West Michigan has finally pulled ahead of Huron Arbor. Nice work out there! Will this upset hold through the end of the Challenge, or will Huron Arbor reclaim the lead?

West Michigan: 12,524 pounds
Huron Arbor: 9,195 pounds


In the Middle Weight Division, Mid-Michigan reclaims a firm grasp on their lead over Southwest Corner. Headwaters, in the meantime, sneaks up while no one’s looking. Are they holding pounds in reserve for the final week?

Mid-Michigan: 7,125 pounds
Southwest Corner: 4,230 poundsHeadwaters: 1,840 pounds



In the Light Weight Division, we make our apologies to Western Lake Erie. Due to an error in our record keeping, their 570 pounds have long gone unacknowledged.  That puts them ahead of Lakes Country and Southeast Hub – well done!

Raisin Cluster: 4,252 pounds
Lakeplain: 1,560 pounds
Western Lake Erie: 570 pounds
TSN:NE Southeast Hub: 360 pounds
Lakes Country: 0 pounds


In the CWMA Division, RRIP-IT-UP comes up fast – taking second from the Northeast Michigan CWMA and gaining on the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network!

Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network: 2,040 pounds
RRIP-IT-UP: 870 pounds
Northeast Michigan CWMA: 240 pounds


Thank  you also to our Out-of-Cluster reporters, who raise their total this week to 8,240 pounds!

And another big thank you to this week’s Garlic Mustard Free Site Reporters! Leslie Kuhn reports two sites in Haslett, one in Lansing, and one in East Lansing (all in Michigan). Carolyn Henne reports three sites from Manistee, Michigan. And finally, Andrea Matthies reports her property in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Nice hustle everyone! Let’s push a little farther – only 11 days left to go!


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