Weekly Update: June 20th

Here we are – only four days away from the end of the 2014 Garlic Mustard Challenge! Spring has flown by once again, and the calendar matches what the weather’s already known for a while: it’s officially summer.

As we wind towards Friday, be sure to get in all your garlic mustard reports from over the past two and a half months. If you can get out and pull a couple more bags, please do! But make sure the seed pods are still green and tender before you do. If the plants are starting to look yellow and dry, keep away! Spreading those seeds around will only be making more work for yourself next spring.

Our total as of June 20th: 57,131 pounds!

In the Heavy Weight Division, Huron Arbor leap frogs West Michigan to regain the lead!

Huron Arbor: 14,895 pounds
West Michigan: 12,524 pounds


In the Middle Weight Division, Mid-Michigan pushes onward and continues to hold their lead on Southwest Corner and Headwaters.

Mid-Michigan: 7,650 pounds
Southwest Corner: 4,740 pounds
Headwaters: 1,840 pounds


In the Light Weight Division, Raisin stays lengths ahead of competing Clusters.

Raisin: 4,612 pounds
Lakeplain: 1,560 pounds
Western Lake Erie: 570 pounds
TSN:NE Southeast Hub: 360 pounds
Lakes Country: 0 pounds


In the CWMA Division, the Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network dominates the board, rocketing ahead of their competitors!

Northwest Michigan CWMA: 9,360 pounds
RRIP-IT-UP: 1,320 pounds
Northeast Michigan CWMA: 240 pounds




And our Out-of-Cluster reporters pool their pounds, bringing their total this week up to 8,950 pounds!

No new Garlic Mustard Free Sites reported in the last week, which leaves our total at 15 sites. Don’t forget to report any sites you’ve managed or monitored for 2nd year plants as Garlic Mustard Free!

Thanks for all the work you’ll do to pull or report over the next few days – and for all the work you’ve done this spring!


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