Posted in April 2015

Impressive Advances Made in Week 2

We’ve more than quintupled our total pounds of Garlic Mustard Pulled over the past week, bringing our total up to 2,378 pounds. Way to go, people! That’s an amazing accomplishment. I want to take a moment to pause and look at this accomplishment in terms of time rather than pounds. So far, you’ve collectively reported … Continue reading

16 Reasons to Pull Garlic Mustard this Spring

  IN BLOOM NOW (April 20th in southwest Michigan): Bloodroot – flowers may fall off with this rain Cutleaf Toothwort Downy Yellow Violet Dutchman’s Breeches – more than I’ve ever seen. Large patches. False Rue Anemone – large patches Hepatica – may be the last week for this Scarlet Cup Fungi Spring Beauty Skunk Cabbage … Continue reading

Week 1: Updates

I am very pleased to announce that so far, we’ve collectively pulled 450 pounds of garlic mustard! By our estimation, that’s 15 large trash bags full. That’s an awful lot when you take a look at the size of those rosettes. Big kudos go out to our early reporters and their helpers in the field. … Continue reading

2015 Garlic Mustard Challenge launches today!

Spring has rolled around again! If you’re lucky enough to see bare ground already, than you’ve probably already spotted a familiar face popping up – garlic mustard! Please join us again this year as we work together to eradicate this invasive plant, restore native ecosystems, and encourage people of all ages in all places to … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s quiet launch

Good afternoon, folks! Here we are, on the eve of another Garlic Mustard Challenge. We’re very excited to be kicking off, but we also want to let you know that you won’t be “hearing” much about it tomorrow. While we usually launch the annual Garlic Mustard Challenge with a live webcast, we are skipping our … Continue reading

2015 Challenge: April 8th – June 26th

This week, The Stewardship Network will be kicking of our eighth annual Garlic Mustard Challenge! The Challenge will run from Wednesday, April 8th through Friday, June 26th. So grab a trash bag, brush off those winter cobwebs, get outside, and get pulling! Goals for 2015: *Collectively pull 200,000 pounds of garlic mustard, dames rocket, and … Continue reading