2015 Challenge: April 8th – June 26th

GM_RosetteThis week, The Stewardship Network will be kicking of our eighth annual Garlic Mustard Challenge! The Challenge will run from Wednesday, April 8th through Friday, June 26th. So grab a trash bag, brush off those winter cobwebs, get outside, and get pulling!

Goals for 2015:
*Collectively pull 200,000 pounds of garlic mustard, dames rocket, and narrow-leaf bittercress
*Report 50 garlic mustard free sites

Be sure to explore the side bar here for some great educational webcasts and videos about garlic mustard and the threat it poses to our natural areas. Find a pull near you on our searchable events calendar at stewardshipnetworkonline.org. Or, if you’re a volunteer leader, find outreach and educational materials for your events under our “Organizations” tab.

Look around this site for more info, and please get in touch with us at garlicmustard@stewardshipnetwork.org if you have any questions.

Happy spring!

The Stewardship Network

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