Impressive Advances Made in Week 2

Garlic_Mustard_Pull_UP_5.2013We’ve more than quintupled our total pounds of Garlic Mustard Pulled over the past week, bringing our total up to 2,378 pounds. Way to go, people! That’s an amazing accomplishment.

I want to take a moment to pause and look at this accomplishment in terms of time rather than pounds. So far, you’ve collectively reported 1659.5 man hours devoted to caring for natural areas. That’s the equivalent of one person working around the clock (24 hours a day) for almost 70 days! Personally, I’m glad I don’t have THAT job, and I’m stoked to see neighbors and communities investing this kind of time and energy in something as critical as protecting and restoring healthy ecosystems.

And now, on to our Week 2 Totals…

Heavy Weight:
Huron Arbor leaps onto the board, rocketing into the lead with 1,868 pounds. West Michigan is still waiting to get on the board.

Middle Weight:
Headwaters maintains their lead at 150 pounds, with Mid-Michigan coming up after them at 30 pounds. Southwest Corner is still waiting to get on the board.

Light Weight:
Our Light Weight division has a new reporting group as of this week: the Lake St. Clair Cluster (CISMA). Grand-Raisin maintains their lead at 195 pounds. Lakeplain starts to creep up after them, pulling 30 pounds this week. Our other reporting groups in the division are still waiting to get on the board.

Our reporting groups in this division are still waiting for spring to catch up with them, holding at 0 pounds for now.

Out of Cluster:
Pine River Elementary continues their efforts, bringing the total for our Out of Cluster reporters up to 105 pounds. Well done!

Find an opportunity to get involved by finding a garlic mustard pull near you this weekend! Plenty of events are posted on our searchable events calendar.

And as always, don’t forget to report your pounds!

Photo of 2013 Garlic Mustard Pull in the UP in May… yes, that’s snow falling.


2 thoughts on “Impressive Advances Made in Week 2

  1. We’re starting to see some serious bare ground this week in Alger County (despite the 4 inches of snow Tuesday), and we know the garlic mustard is waiting for us under the last remnants of snow. The Upper Peninsula CWMAs are ready for it!

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