Posted in May 2015

Week 7: Updates and a blast from the past!

Please join me for a brief flash back… *cue harp music and blurry zoom in*. It’s April – finally spring! The snow is starting to melt, or maybe you’re already seeing bare ground. Not much life in the leaf litter yet, but you can spot some teeny tiny garlic mustard rosettes. Soon, you’ll be out … Continue reading

Stewardship: good and good for you!

We’re just about a month away from the longest day of the year. While the calendar says summer is still a few weeks away, the woods don’t seem to know or care. The greenery is out full force here in southeast Michigan, and with it comes a host of challenges when it comes to working … Continue reading

Garlic Mustard: The Burning Question

During the Garlic Mustard Challenge, we talk primarily about pulling garlic mustard by hand. That’s the easiest way for anybody to get involved. It doesn’t require any special equipment or training, and people of many ages and levels of stewardship experience can participate. However, many professional organizations (as well as well-versed and well-equipped private landowners) … Continue reading

Garlic Mustard – Wildly invasive, wildly nutritious!

Shawn Severance (Washtenaw County Parks Natural Area Preservation Program) shares today’s piece with us after their May 3rd event, “Garlic Mustard: Hike to Harvest.” Spring is in the air! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and Garlic Mustard is in the forest…. everywhere! Garlic mustard is wildly invasive AND a nutrition-packed powerhouse. It … Continue reading

See Who’s Pulling Ahead in Week 3

Happy May Day! Looking at the window and at the weather forecast, it seems like the perfect time to celebrate the return of greenery and warmer temperatures. Spring is really here to stay, and summer’s not too far away. And we have 5,582 more reasons for you to celebrate this May Day, and each one … Continue reading