Week 5: “That little [white] plus sign is so unholy”

ELF_Deer_2007-05-02-0759Garlic Mustard around our office is starting to flower – and just in time! With the profusion of greenery coming on after the spring rains and warmer temperatures, it was getting harder to spot the garlic mustard amongst the rest of the foliage. But these clusters (not to be confused with Clusters) of four-petaled, white flowers make for an easy target to spot! Checking out the flower shape, I just couldn’t stop myself from making the reference to the movie “Juno” as the title of this post.

Our total this week jumped up enormously. We end week five of the Garlic Mustard Challenge with a total of 22,224.7 pounds – nice work, everybody!

Heavy Weight:
With the fire lit under them, Huron Arbor manages to keep their lead for another week, bringing their total up to 5,599 pounds. But West Michigan is coming up fast behind them, hitting the blowing past the quadruple digits mark and ending the week at 4,911 pounds!

Middle Weight:
Mid-Michigan holds out in the tops spot, bringing their total up to 3,467 pounds! Headwaters makes strong progress, too, pulling up to 1,969.7 pounds. Southwest Corner’s coming up, too, ending the week at 437 pounds.

Light Weight:
Upset in the Light Weight Division! Grand Raisin regains the lead this week, weighing in at 930 pounds! Lake St. Clair Cluster (CISMA) falls into a close second with 855 pounds. Lakeplain makes some great strides this week, bringing their total up to 590 pounds. Western Lake Erie also gets on the board this week with an impressive report of 146 pounds pulled by just two people! Southeast Hub is still waiting to get on the board.

CWMA Division:
Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network gets things kicked off this week, taking the lead with 195 pounds! Other groups in the CWMA division are still waiting to get on the board. Be the first to report for those groups! If you’re working in the Northern Lower Peninsula or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to protect natural areas from invasive garlic mustard, check out our CWMA Division and report your pounds! Reporting groups include the Northeast Michigan CWMA, Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network, and RRIP-IT-UP (Rapid Response Invasive Plant Intervention Team of the Upper Peninsula).

Emerging Clusters:
We’re working with organizations, volunteers, and landowners in northeast Minnesota to launch one or more Clusters in their region. While we haven’t fully launched those groups yet, anybody pulling garlic mustard there can already get involved by reporting their pounds pulled to our Emerging Minnesota Cluster reporting group. We’re looking forward to working with you more in the coming months and years!

This week, Out-of-Cluster participation exploded like a dry silique on a June day! Wherever you’re working on managing garlic mustard as an invasive plant, you can report your pounds pulled to the Challenge! Out-of-Cluster reporters have reported 3,125 pounds collectively!  Where you’re working on managing invasive garlic mustard, you’re invited to submit your pounds pulled to the Garlic Mustard Challenge! pounds pulled to the Garlic Mustard Challenge!

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved before garlic mustard goes to seed! If you’ve got some free time this weekend, find a garlic mustard pull near you on our searchable events calendar!


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