Week 8 Updates: Stop reading this and get outside!

Boardman_Hike_SummerIt’s June, for goodness sake! Get away from your computer, turn off your phone, and go for a walk in the woods. We’re going to keep the update brief this week and just give you the highlights…

Big shout out to Leslie K. and Paul V. for reporting their Garlic Mustard Free sites! That brings our total to 5 – only 45 more to go! Report your Garlic Mustard Free sites by emailing garlicmustard@stewardshipnetwork.org. Include the name of the property, and the address of the property or the name of the Cluster it’s in.

Our collective total of pounds pulled is up to 75,020.1 pounds!

Heavy Weight Division:
West Michigan in first – 19,312 pounds
Huron Arbor – 12,312 pounds

Middle Weight Division:
Mid-Michigan in first – 14,563.9 poundsSouthwest Corner – 5,767 pounds
Headwaters – 2,614.7 pounds

Light Weight:
Grand-Raisin in first – 3,572 pounds
Lakeplain – 3,165 pounds
Lake St. Clair Cluster/CISMA – 1,496 pounds
Western Lake Erie – 1,452 pounds
Southeast Hub – still waiting to get on the board

CWMA Division:
Northwest Michigan Invasive Species Network in first – 1,835.5 pounds
RRIP-IT-UP – 615 pounds (stealing second!)
Northeast Michigan CMWA – 191 pounds

Emerging Minnesota Cluster:
Be the first to report pounds for this newly forming group!

7,651 pounds

You’re all doing amazing work! As you move to make that final push for June 26th (the end of the Challenge), make sure no seeds pods are popping. At that point, you’re doing more to spread the plant than manage it.

That’s it. Now get outta here – shoo!


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