Week 9 Updates: Reporting Form Blackout!

photo_1[1]Anybody who’s tried to report their garlic mustard pounds in the last several days will have noticed that the reporting form is down. Well, it’s not just the reporting form. It’s actually everything at stewardshipnetwork.org. Unfortunately, all of our webpages, reporting forms, and online event registration forms are currently out of service. We’re sorry for this inconvenience, and we’re working on getting everything back up and running!

That all means we can’t tell you what our total is this week. We can’t tell you who’s in the lead for each of the Weight Classes. We can’t tell if anyone is coming up right on the the heels of anybody else, or if someone’s about to steal first place. If you were looking for some extra suspense in the final weeks of the Garlic Mustard Challenge, here you have it!

Big thanks to those of you who have continued to report your pounds by emailing us at garlicmustard@stewardshipnetwork.org. Everyone should feel welcome to do so, or to save up their reports for when we get the online system back up an running. We’re happy to post here once the reporting form is available again, and we’ll also send out a quick email about it.

In the meantime, keep pulling if you can. Or, if you see seed pods are starting to burst, stop pulling now and share that news as a comment here or on our Facebook page (facebook.com/stewardshipnetwork). We have heard that plants near Muskegon, MI are starting to drop their seeds, though here in Ann Arbor, MI the plants aren’t quite there yet (but getting close)!

Thank you again for your patience with our website. Cluster workshops are going on as scheduled. If you have any questions about them or would like to RSVP, please email us at staff@stewardshipnetwork.org.

Have a great weekend!



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