Reporting Form Available Again for Final Days of 2015 Challenge!

It’s the final countdown!

We’re in the final days of the Garlic Mustard Challenge, and our online reporting form is back up and running! If you’ve been holding off on making reports, now’s the time to jump in and make sure your pounds get counted. To light a fire under you (and to make up for the weeks when we weren’t able to share updates), here’s a last minute, mid-week update on our total pounds and who’s pulling into the lead for the Cluster Cup competitions! Don’t forget, the Garlic Mustard Challenge ends this Friday, June 26th. Make sure to make your reports before the end of the day Friday!

Heavy Weight:
Huron Arbor has made some incredible strides the past few weeks, bringing their total pounds pulled up to 17,442. That’s a major accomplishment, but they still haven’t closed the gap with West Michigan, who remains in the lead with a total of 21,446.5 pounds.

Middle Weight:
Mid-Michigan keeps their hold on first with 17,658.9 pounds! Southwest Corner has been far from idle, pulling up to 14,181 pounds and working on closing that gap. Headwaters has been holding at 2,614.7 pounds, but they may have some reports to get in now that the reporting form is available again. Will there be a shake up in the final days?

Light Weight:
Grand-Raisin keeps a hold on first, pulling up to 5,495 pounds! Lakeplain is holding on to second with 3,165 pounds. Lake St. Clair Cluster/CISMA has advanced to 1,706 pounds, putting a little more space between themselves and Western Lake Erie (1,452 pounds). Lakes Country and the Southeast Hub have held at 0 pounds.

Emerging Minnesota Cluster:
This newly emerging Cluster is still at 0 pounds for the 2015 Challenge.

Out of Cluster:
Folks from Out of Cluster areas have continued to report, increasing their collective pounds pulled to 7,691. Nice work, everybody!

CWMA Division:
NW Michigan Invasive Species Network has made some tremendous progress, holding onto the lead and bringing their total up to 5,480.5 pounds. RRIP-IT-UP has held on to second, raising their total pounds pulled to an impressive 3,262 pounds. NE Michigan CWMA holds stead at 191 pounds.

That means our total, collective pounds pulled currently stands at 101,785.6 pounds! That’s a little over the halfway mark to our collective goal of 200,000 pounds. Help us close the gap by reporting the pounds you’ve pulled this spring! If you’re thinking about pulling more in the next few days, take a good look at the plants before you get too close. In many part of lower Michigan and similar latitudes, the plants have likely already gone to seed. At that point, it’s too late to pull the plants – you’ll do more harm than good by spreading the seeds that are ripe and ready to fall at the slightest touch.

And, don’t forget to email us about your Garlic Mustard Free sites! Seven have been reported to date, and our goal this year is 50! If you’ve removed all second year plants from your property, or scouted it to make sure no garlic mustard is invading, please report those properties to us at garlicmustard@stewardshipnetwork.


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