Upsets for Cluster Cups in Final Hours!

Today is the last day of the 2015 Garlic Mustard Challenge! Reports have been pouring in since our announcement earlier this week that our online form was back up and operational. Since our post on Tuesday, we’ve jumped over 40,000 pounds in our collective total, raising our pounds pulled to: 148,559.9 pounds!

We’ve also had multiple upsets, with first place being stolen in more than one division of Cluster Cup competition. But, I’m not going to tell you which ones, or where individual Cluster totals stand.

Why? Because I can, and I like having that power. I’m also hoping it’ll light a fire under anyone out there who’s still waiting to report their pounds and Garlic Mustard Free sites. So keep the reports coming, and don’t forget to email your Garlic Mustard Free sites to Here’s all we need for a Garlic Mustard Free site report:

-“Garlic Mustard Free” in the subject line
-Your name
-The property you worked on (indicated by address, or name of property if it has one, or the phrase “private property”)
-Your Cluster/CISMA/CWMA reporting group

Simple as that! Garlic Mustard Free means free of second-year, flowering plants that would add additional seeds to the seedbank. This designation can either be for an actively monitored sight where no second year plants were found, or for an infested site where all second year plants have been removed or managed through other techniques (herbicide; prescribed burn).

If you have stories or photos of your work that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear and see them. We’d also love to compile them for our report out on this year’s Challenge. You can share your photos and stories by sending them to

Thanks for all you’ve done over the past two and a half months – only a few hours left to go!

Members of SBEAS and INPAWS Pose with 48 Bags of Garlic Mustard Pulled at the Sanctuary

Members of SBEAS and INPAWS Pose with 48 Bags of Garlic Mustard Pulled at the Sanctuary (2012)


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