Challenge Results

2016 Challenge Final Results

Total Pounds: 183,470

Number of People Involved: 5,095

Amount of Time Spent Pulling: 16,457 hours

Heavyweight Division

Huron Arbor Cluster: 29,776 lbs

West Michigan Cluster: 28,467 lbs

Middleweight Division

Headwaters Cluster: 21,975 lbs

Mid-Michigan Cluster: 18,962 lbs

Southwest Corner Cluster: 4,691 lbs

Lightweight Division

Grand-Raisin Cluster: 7,867 lbs

Western Lake Erie Cluster: 6,039 lbs

Lakeplain Cluster: 3,601 lbs

Lake St. Clair Cluster: 2,231 lbs

CWMA Division

Central Upper Peninsula Cooperative Weed Management Area 27,170 lbs

RRIP-IT-UP: 14,445 lbs

NW Michigan Invasive Species Network: 9,813 lbs

Hamilton County, OH: 1,730 lbs

NE Michigan CWMA: 1,264 lbs

Emerging Minnesota Cluster: 1,241 lbs

CAKE CISMA: 85 lbs

Out-of-Cluster: 4,113 lbs


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