There are plenty of ways to get involved in the Garlic Mustard Challenge as an individual – read on below!

Learn a little more about Garlic Mustard

Use some of these great online resources to learn more about garlic mustard, the threat it poses, how to identify it, and the best techniques for getting it out of our natural areas.

Find a pull in your community

Nature centers, parks departments, land conservancies, and many other groups are up to their ears in garlic mustard this time of year, and they’d be thrilled to have your help! Many group post their workdays on our searchable events calendar at Visit that website, and search by Topic (Garlic Mustard Challenge), Date, County, or Cluster.

Report your pull

If your pulling in your yard, on your property, or at a nearby park, report how much you’ve pulled through our 2016 Garlic Mustard Challenge Reporting Form! This form will go live when we kick off the Challenge on Wednesday, April 13th. Every pound you pull goes towards our 200,000 pound goal!

Tell your neighbors

If you see garlic mustard in your neighbor’s yard, let them know. They may have never heard of it. Pick up the phone, write a note to leave in their mailbox, or even knock on their door and tell them about it face to face. Make a party of pulling garlic mustard in your neighborhood. Write an article for your condo association’s newsletter. If you need more information, or educational and outreach materials, get in touch with us at


If you live in an area where garlic mustard isn’t prevalent, help make sure this invader doesn’t sneak in! The most efficient way of handling an invasive plant is to catch it early, before there are acres and acres of it to remove. Familiarize yourself with what the plant looks like, and go looking for it. If you spot some plants, pull them!

If you’re a tech savvy individual, you should consider reporting your sightings online with the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN). MISIN is gathering information about the location of invasive plants from knowledgeable stewards across the region. They have online training modules for different plants, which they ask you to complete before they let you report where you’ve spotted the plant. Check out their website at:

Garlic Mustard Free Sites

In the 2016 Garlic Mustard Challenge, we’re setting a goal to have 50 sites reported as “Garlic Mustard Free.” A site can be anything: a back yard, a park, a nature preserve, you name it. To report your site as Garlic Mustard Free, you must have either 1) pulled all second year (bolting and flowering) plants from the site to keep any new seeds out of the seed bank, or 2) walked the whole property and confirmed that there are no second year plants growing there. To report a site as garlic mustard free, email us at


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